Rogue RB-120BT Reviews 5

I bought this amplifier at Musician`s I paid $230.00 includes sales tax and shipping. I bought this amplifier because i needed a gig amp that put out loud and clear sound. Before I bought this amp I was playing off of a Squire BP-15.

This 120w amp puts out great sound. It has an affordable price. The 15" speaker gives this amp tremendous sound. At loud volumes it does not distort any note. Rouge`s control panel is simple and easy to operate. The amp does not buzz when its on. I`ve playedon a Peavey 160w and I think they are both great but if you want more bang for your buck I would choose the Rouge.

The cage around the speaker rattles when the volume is at high levels, but I can probably fix that myself. Other than that nothing else is wrong with it.

The quality of Rouge`s RB-120BT is excellent. It is 64 pounds and very solid.

I would rate this amp a 5 because of its overall quality.

beat-slapper of H4R rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-06.

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