Rogue SX-100B Reviews 2

I bought it off of Musicians Friend for 79.99+tax. It is my very first bass.

Nothing, strings came crappy, neck was bowed, thus making it a buzz factory, and sounds worse than it is built. The only good thing is that it was cheapo.

I dont like much about it. Paintjob looks like spraypaint with clearcoat. Knobs aren't labeled, and tuning knob mechanism broke while making a minor 1/4 turn.

Not that great, it stays together. Strap holder breaks off every time I play it and it falls to the floor with a thud. Hasnt broken it yet.

Please don't buy this bass all of you who are eyeballing it. It isn't even worth the trouble to go to someones house and get it for free. Invest in something a little better like an Ibanez GSR-200, kind of cheap too but a heck of alot better than this bass.

Michael Brazile rated this unit 2 on 2004-04-17.

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