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i bought it from musicans friend for $80

the only think i like about it is it's light

well this bass it made of a cheap plywood the neck worps the nut comes out the truss rod dosnt do its job the strap buttons come out the strings dont stay in tune the tuners come lose and rattle while playing the pick ups are veary weak the knobs come off the input screws fall out the wiring is veary bad the paint chips easy and its uncomfortable to play

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dan rated this unit 1 on 2004-08-06.

I bought it from Musicains Friend for $80 on sale. I was just looking for a ceap beginners bass for my little brother.

The price was the only good thing.

-First of all, the neck was warped almost in half right out of the box. -There were bubbles in the paint. -The control pots were very sensitive. -The body wasn't heavy enough to counter the weight of the neck when I tried to play it standing up.

The construction was fairly sound. The neck warpage is what I am really concerned about.

It would be fine if the neck was straight. With a the neck as warped as it was, the bass is on hte verge of unplayable. Don't buy this bass.

A concerned musician rated this unit 1 on 2004-05-27.

I was looking for a cheap bass to start on so I was looking around at different websites and an ad for musicians came up. So I clicked on it and looked around found it and bought it Rouge Value Pack Which included A 20 watt amp (which for some reason they sent me a 50 watt one oh well) Guitar, Strap, and cord for $150.00

I like how it is cheap, high quality great playing bass. The neck is very smooth and the paint was flawless when I got it a year ago. The knobs are tight but not too tight and the pickups are great.

Small stuff that were really my fault. Like One of the Pots busted because I accidentally tryed to put on a knob that didn't fit right (right after I got it fixed it slid right on)

Like I said I has great quality for the little that you pay for it. After a year of having it, it has not broken down because of manufacturer error yet.

Great bass, Great amp, Great everything Light, sturdy, and great looking. Great for anyone at any skill

VIperboy rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-09.

80$ used itsucks

nothing it sucks

everthing,it sucks. hums very bad,were u put the strap fel of the next day .it sucks. a better guitar would be apiece of wood with rubber sucks. broke while shipping to me,sent it back they sent me a knew .that one sucked.they all suck.tuning knob fell off.itsucks

it sucks as u know both of eem broke cause they suck

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rouge hater it sucks it broke rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-04.

Musician's Fried for $80 + shipping it was on sale

its awesome! durable, light a great beginner guitar

i wish the hardware was black

very good...sturdy didnt break when i dropped it

An awesome deal and a great beginner guitar

Michael J. rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-26.

I got this bass from the Musician's Friend Bass package. I got it because my friends wanted me to get a bass so I could be in their band. I paid app. $120 for the bass, 192 for the total package.

It is a very good beginner bass. Also, thanks to MF, they screwed up my otder and gave me a 50 watt amp instead of a 20 like they were supposed to.

The only bad thing about it is Rogue's bad reputation for cheap beginner basses. As soon as I get enough money, i will buy a 5-string jazz bass.

It was only okay. They could have used better wood for the body. Other than that, it is very lightweight.

It is a very good beginner bass. The price was also good. The main thing is that they are not the best, and this a basic practice bass and not one you would use for gigs and concerts.

Ed rated this unit 3 on 2003-06-01.

I got this Bass at <a href=""></a> and paid $97.00 for it (including shipping and handling.) It was just the guitar and two allen wrenches.

It's got an extremely light body, so i can stand there and play for hours, and the tone/volume knobs look really cool against the black. (i ordered it in black.) It's got a nice tone and just looks cool. It's a great beginner bass.

there's not much i dont like. It would have been nice if they through in a case or something though.

It has a good sturdy construction. Which doesn't really matter anyway because i bought a year warranty for 9 bucks that covers everything from dust and heat dammage to wear from play.

All in all i found it a great (cheap) but well made guitar. It's really fun to mess around w/ and play and the thing i like most is how light it is.

Jason rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-16.

I bought this guitar off of the only place that sells Rogue products, Musicians Friend. Mine was $99 but I have seen them go for $79 before. I also got the RB120BT amp to complete this combo which is also another 5 out of 5 pick rating.

What can I say, out of the box the thing was just beutiful. I got the fire red version. The tone and volume pots are still tight after about a year of playing. The tuners felt tight and strong unlike some squire models that i have tried before. The tone on this guitar is amazing it takes almost no effort to go from rock to funk. The volume can really get up there to.

The only bad thing I can say about this guitar is the strings werent the best in the world, but that is an easy replacement.

The construction of this guitar was absoloutly awesome. I took it apart to look at the soldering and everything seemed to be tight on it. The Tuners as aforementioned were tight and strong. The input jack needs to be tightened every once in a while but not like most basses for under $200.

For anyone thinking about getting a P bass if you are a beginner or a veteran of the rock world then this is a bass that would suit either needs. Tone is excellent so is construction and fit and finish. Musicians Friend was the fastest website from the site to my door took about three days. That is from Oregon to Florida. Once again it is the best bass for the buck. I am also thinking of getting the model up from this with the Bubinga top. Try it for under a hundred bucks you cant go wrong.

New Rogue Lover rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-11.

I bought this used from some guy whose add I found in an issue of a local want add paper called "the Paper Shop." Well anyway I paid a total of 60 bucks for the thing and he told me he paid about 200 for it in a Las Vegas music shop and it plays really well. It came a little dusty and way out of tune, but that was easily fixed.

It truly is an awesome playing machine. It is my first instrument and it plays real well and is really light (I'm sure you'll hear this in every review for this guitar). It produces a really nice sound and the strings I got with it have been in the same tuning for about a month now (I've had the guitar for 5 months). Also it has great clarity.

It produces a really annoying hum when you increase the treble on your amp or produces a very faint hum if you increase the tone.

It is constructed really well. I must stress the lightness of this guitar. The paint job is real good and I like the shine. The knobs are placed perfectly so you don't hit them.

This is an excellent axe for any beginner. The only way to make it sound crappy is to put it through a crappy amp (I use an Ibanez IBZ-10B which is excellent). When I read reviews for this guitar people complain about the hum produced by the pickups. My advice about that is to turn your tone all the way down and adjust the settings on your amp (I find that 90% Bass, 50% Middle, and 25% Treble work best for clarity, but 90% Bass, 50% Middle, and 50% Treble mimick having the tone up perfectly without the hum). Just don't buy the Musician's Friend Version or the Musician's Friend Package, because the amp that comes with it seems like a peice of crap. I would give this a 5 but I have to scrutinize for the sake of being honest. It's not the best but it is a most excellent beginners guitar.

Bad Idea Bassist rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-08.






PHILLY rated this unit 1 on 2002-12-29.

I got this treasure on Musicians becauseit was cheap and i didnt have enough to buy an expensive one. I paid $79.99+shipping

It was a great buy! It was cheap but plays great. the sound is very nice and can bew played with nearly every type of music. Its got 24-frets and a volume and tone knob, which are nicely placed so you don't hit 'em when your playing. It's extremely lightweight and VERY,VERY durable. It has taking quite a beating and still works fine. My friend's brother got this 400 dollar or somethin Ibanez and its broken twice! (Well i never was a fan of the Ibanez bass.)

Nuthin really. the frets create a little buzz and the strings thatcome on it ain't perfect but yo can get new ones.

It was constructed vey well for a cheap bass. The quality is great.

This bass is a great one for beginners and experienced players alike who are tight on cash.

Tim Osborne (Fat Eagle bassist) rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-01.

I ordered this from musicians friend for $120 (It came with a amp, cable and strap.

It really good it was tuned when I got it. But I don't think all of them come that way. It has a great paint job and construction.

The knobs aren't labeled so you can't tell which is which. And when I put the strap on the things you attach it to broke off. But you can put it back on just get another screw.

It has a good construction and pretty good quality. This is my second and my best guitar I have.

Good price and good sound and looks even better. I think it's a good beginner or if you get some better stuff like strings or pickups a good gig guitar.

Eric Andresen rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-21.

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