Rogue SX100B Electric Bass Reviews 4

I bought this bass as part of a combo package at Musician's Friend for $149 (Bass, Drive 20W Combo Amp, Strap, and Cable)

This is my first bass, and I love it. It is very light weight but feels solid. My instructor (who plays mostly Fenders) Was amazed at how well the instrument was set up straight from the factory. The color is very clean (I got the blue one) and the finish is great. Tuners are tight and the strings are great for a beginning player. Controls are tight and quiet. Overall, I am very impressed for the price I paid. definitely a good deal for a beginner.

The only problem I have is with the finish on the fretboard. the wood is a little faded right next to the nut. It does not affect sound in any way, so this is very minor issue.

Construction is first rate. My instructor was amazed how well the instrument was set-up. He made no adjustments to the instrument.

My instructor (remember, mostly Fenders) summed it up this way: This bass is perfect for your first bass, and maybe your only bass, until you are making enough at gigs to justify a second. Plays great, sounds great, looks great. Overall, a real bargain.

Jeff Koon rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-22.

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