Rogue VB-100 Violin Bass (Beatle Bass) Reviews 5

Purchased from Musician's Friend for $249.00 + shipping. I bought this bass because I am into playing Paul McCartney's bass lines from The Beatles. It's the closest copy that I have been able to find. I can't afford the original Hofner price tag.

Once you re-string this bass with flat wound strings, this bass can get that vintage Hofner 500/1 sound without blinking! It intonated great! I lowered the action on the fretboard (surprisingly low for a bass) with no buzzing. Feels solid. Great playability especially if you like a smaller scale bass. I love the tuning pegs!

I can describe what I don't like about this bass in two words - Musician's Friend! It's very unfortunate that they are the only place that you can purchase this bass. When the bass arrived a week after I ordered and payed for it, it had a cracked bridge. I immediately called MF and explained the situation. I asked them to please send me a replacement bridge but they refused stating that they do NOT have spare parts for this bass. If they are the only one's in the world who sell this bass, why don't they carry spare parts for it????? This is NOT right!!!! What happens down the road if someone needs parts for this bass? I guess you are S.O.L. MF offered to send me a prepaid shipping label to send the entire bass back to them, they would then send me another bass. I declined. Based on the packing methods they used to ship MY bass, I would say that the new bass I received would probably have similar problems or even be worse. Plus I would have to wait approximately another three weeks to get the new bass back to me. How can they sell a bass without providing spare parts for it? The crack in my bridge does not prevent me from playing it right now. It's a small hairline crack and at this point it is holding. A form fitting case is not available for this bass from M.F. Jay Turser does make a case that will fit this model though.

While it is a semi hollow body bass, it feels rock solid! No complaints in this area!! The fit and finish are second to none. The only problem with the design of this bass is the bridge. As I said above it was cracked. It appears very fragile. It's a rosewood tune-0- matic style. My understanding is that you can replace the bridge with an original Hofner ebony bridge and a little modification, for about $50.00. That's what I plan to do.

The bass is worth every penny. If this bass was lost or stolen, I would buy another one without hesitation. If you plan on buying this bass, ask your M.F. Sales Rep. if they could please tell shipping to pack it with care.

NowhereMan rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-19.

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