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I bought it from Musician's Friend on sale for $200, usually $350, list $499.

I have played guitar for 15 years and this is my first base, so you can take that into account when you read my review. The body on my base is beautifully constructed. It has flawless metalic paint and body binding. The neck and body fit together tightly with no gaps. The neck is held on with 6 bolts - very solid. I don't notice any fret buzzing unless I hit the strings extremely hard, but I would imagine any base would do this. There is a switch to turn the base from active to passive - useful if your battery dies. The tuners appear to be decent quality. 24 frets (the add said 21).

The neck was a bit rough. It felt like it could use additional sanding. I was able to smooth it out significanltly with my thumb and by playing it. The battery it came with was dead when I got it. Not a big deal, but annoying - at first I thought the electronics didn't work.

I have an American Standard Strat that cost three times as much as this bass and the Rogue blows it away in initial quality and fit. I haven't played many basses, but I will say that the XB Pro easily beats the squire that I tried, which for the same price has poorer construction and no active electronics. The fretwork seems better than on my strat. So far there is no noise when I turn the tone/volume knobs. Pots have a tendency to wear out on cheap guitars. If they do I'll buy new ones for $10.

Worth far more than the $200 I paid for it. So far very happy. I am sure there are better basses out there but not in its price range.

Loudload rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-16.

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