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I ordered this thing from, and paid $199.99 US. I bought it because it was cheap, and musiciansfriend can only ship this brand and one other across the Canadian border.

I like the clean channel, and for distortion, I use a BOSS Metal distortion pedal. It sounds pretty good.

It was broken when I got it. I had to have it's wiring checked out, then I noticed it had a bit of a problem being used. The two speakers only work when they want to, as in it's only a single 12" amp 99% of the time. I absolutely hate this amp. If and when it works, it's not bad for the price. However, the problems I've had are just too much. My advie is to just go out and spend the money on a real amp made by a company you've heard of before (Marshall, Line6, etc.).

It's got 2 12" speakers in it, supposedly 100 watts. My 30 watt Fender is louder than this thing on a good day. Quality on a scale of 1-10 is a 1.

DO NOT BUY THIS AMP!!!! If you're looking for a cheap deal, it's what you get I guess. You get what you pay for. By the way, this thing cost me twice as much as it would if I were in the States, and it's not worth $200 Canadian.

Pissed off Canadian rated this unit 1 on 2005-01-13.

Ordered this amp to use for live performing after hearing other guitarists using it. Purchased from Musicians Friend for $199. They have it on sale now for $149. It is not a $2000 Marshall stack, but it is a great sounding combo amp with 2 12" speakers, and 100 watts of power. It has clean and overdrive channels. It weights about 65 pounds.

I run my guitar into a mackie 1202 VLZ pro mixer. From the 1202 I send the first effects send through a johnson j station and the second effects send through an adrenalinn. The main outs of the 1202 go out to the guitar amps. I use the ROGUE GS100R amp for stage volume on the right side of the stage and marshall valstate model 8040 on the right. The ROGUE GS100R works great for a clean sounding amp with plenty of stage volume. The EQ on the ROGUE GS100R is the same taper and range as the EQ on my Fender Twin combo. I use a Digitech RP1 in the effects send of the ROGUE GS100R and it sounds good there. We mic my two stage amps and then run them through our lexicon reverbs so I dont usually use the reverb or overdrive on the ROGUE amp. The reverb sound is the same as the spring reverb on my VOX Royal Guardman amp. The overdrive channel sounds like my PEAVEY CLASSIC combo amp set on 10. The spring reverb and overdrive sound as good on the ROGUE GS100R as they do on any combo amp, I just prefering to control the sound more with midi kicking in the effect sounds from a Compaq Presario 1500. In this way the j station and adrenalinn settings are pre-tweeked and syncronized to the beat of the song for delay times so I can concentrate more on playing. There is a speaker switch and headphone out on the ROGUE GS100R so you can turn off the main speakers and use headphones if you need to for tuning up or late night practice.

I like the unit. For any guitarist most of their sound comes from their head and hands. This amp just translates what the guitar player does. If you play well it will sound great, if you don't play well and don't have any ideas it will show that too.

The ROGUE GS100R is well constructed and has been holding up well to constant use for the past year. I play live using it 6 nights a week and it has not given me any problems. It is a very quiet clean sounding amp with alot of volume.

I like the ROGUE GS100R for all it is. It gives me the tone and volume that I need for playing live. A great sounding combo amp and a real value for $149.

wvgary rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-25.

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