Roland BN 100 Bass Amp Reviews 5

I play mostly rock, a little old-school country, blues, and bluegrass.

Private seller through classified ad. Paid $150 because I was looking for a decent, cheap used bass amp to complete my band equipment setup at home.

This unit is way powerful, with a rich, fat tone and crystal clear sound quality. Its output is 100 watts. These amps are from the 80's or 90's, not sure when exactly, but they are great. Roland has always been known for the quality of their engineering, as is reflected in their products. The same is true for this unit. I plugged a bass into the amp to test it before buying, and there was NO buzz, No hum, NO NOTHING. The amp was completely silent. Find another amp thats 20 years old that'll be that quiet.

There isn't any problem with the unit that I have found. Its a good, straight-forward unit, without all the bells and whistles.

The unit is built in a heavy-duty wooden box with a metal grate. Its very solid, and plenty heavy due to the big fat speaker magnet.

This amp was a major steal for $150. If you find one, buy it. You will not regret it. There was another review here in which the reviewer rated this amp as low as possible and called it worthless, because he bought it off of ebay and it was broken when he got it. A real genious. No amp will sound good when it needs to be repaired. The output is 100 watts, 150 watts input. He thought the output was 30 watts because he compared his broken one to a 15 watt amp he already had that was almost as loud.

Sam rated this unit 5 on 2008-02-25.

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