Roland Cube 60 Silver Reviews 4

It's covered in silver 'tolex', which is important, cuz there are other, newer, different Cube 60 combos from Roland, and they are NOT silver. It's actually a KB amp, but it makes a great amp for bass tone freaks who aren't concerned with noisy rock or loud phunk. I use it in the Diva duo which is just vox, KB, and bass. And ...AND ... It's got SPRING REVERB ! ! !

I have two of them [I really dig these ... ] and they were acquired from Daddys Junky Music [Albany NY] and from Parkway Music [Clifton Pk NY]. Used, they were somewhat over $200 each.

Real Spring Reverb !!! It's small and light, sound is very 'honest', has two identical channels, each with its own gain and EQ.

Won't handle huge bass [but this is NOT like a geetar amp, it handles bass very well]. AC cord is not removable [yep, it's *that* old ... ] altho it *is* a 3-conductor plug and cord. Use of 'Speaker Out' jack ALWAYS shuts off internal speaker [cannot combine int w/ ext].

Both of these are pretty old, but everything still works. Switches are the old-style metal toggles that will outlive plastic rockers by about 100X. Exception is the reverb switches, which are sliders [and still working]. Speakers are 12' main plus a small domed twinker. Grill is cloth, and has held up well. The Spring Reverb still works on both amps, never gets stuck or frozen. There's a master reverb level control, but each channel has only an on/off switch for per-channel reverb control.

Summarize my thoughts .... hmnnn well ... SPRING REVERB ! ! Did I mention it has Spring Reverb ? I did ? Oh, good. Essentially, this is the type of amp suitable for URB, ABG, jazzy FL, etc, when not 'competing' with your own bamdmates. It's got a very 'honest' sound, so the extra channel is cool for vox [altho the mic will need a 1/4' phone plug]. I've run it outdoors for vox-and-KB also, and playing a backyard party, you could still hear Ms Diva quite clearly out on the street a few doors away. You get a very healthy 60 watts from this box. And then, Then, THEN ... There's the 'Verb ! Did I mention Spring Reverb ??? It's a good, but ordinary KB amp, nothing remarkable amongst other real quality competitors ... except of course the spring reverb, so it gets a '4'. IOW it would be a '3' without the reverb ... but the reverb would still be a '4' even without the amp :-)

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2010-07-01.

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