Roland V Club Set Reviews 5

Bought the standard V Club set at Guitar Center in Concord, CA. Paid $1,250.00 and they threw in a Pearl throne and Pearl pedal. Later added PD80R pad for snare and a second KD7 kick pad for double bass.

Very quiet, fairly compact, sets up easily. The sounds are really great. Great for practicing. Highly recommend PD80R as an addition; gives more realistic snare drum feel and rim shots. With the Roland KC100 amp this kit sounds pretty good live. Also very easy to adjust sounds to taste.

CY6 cymbals not made to take a beating. FD6 Hi-hat pedal is not as versatile as the FD7 on the more expensive kits. A dual trigger hi-hat would be better than the single trigger pad that comes with kit. Rubber pad for snare doesn't cut it.

Pretty sturdy but it would be sturdier (for travel) if they added more support like another crossbar on the front of the frame. Cymbal pad rubber can detach with aggressive play.

This was money well spent. I'm now able to practice an hour a day and still maintain some sanity in our house. The more I play the more I like this kit. It's not a perfect replacement for an acoustic kit, but it's pretty close. Absolutely recommend adding PD80R pad for snare.

closet rock star rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-22.

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