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Purchased from Midwest Percussion for $1075.00.

The Hardware, pads, cymbals, clamps, are all excellent. They really hold up when using them live and in the studio. The TD-6 is also a good module but they could use some better snares. For the price it's amazing though. Im planning on upgrading the module to the TD-8 so i can have total customization over my sounds.

The Snare drum sounds. That's about it. It's really flawless.

Very good. The Kit really holds up during gigs.

Bottom line, I love it. Of course i have an acoustic kit, but when you need to lay down a quick midi drum track it's amazing.

Eric rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-22.

Bought from BPM Music over their website. It cost $1069 with free shipping.

This unit is quite durable and has great versatility. The preprogrammed kits are nice, but many are not what I would use. But the best thing is that you can tweak any kit and change the snare, toms, etc. and also modify the room ambience (room size, wall construction - plaster, wood,glass, and get pretty decent effects with it. Not as good as outboard effects, but it does improve the sound a bit. Many different sounds to choose from. It also has songs you can play along with, and you can remove the drum part with the touch of a button. Cool sound effects, too. I like the thunder. Really makes people take notice!

Stand is not quite as sturdy as I would like, but is OK. The TD-6 module does not have as many lines out as a TD-8, so it cannot be mixed as easily. The relative dynamics are just what is setup internally, and you can't make the snare louder unless you do it in the internal settings.

It is made well and has held up well for the last year. The pads are solid. Very good quality. I play pretty hard at times and it doesn't move on me!

Great deal for practice or home recording. I know some guys who use the V-Club for gigging and report that it does a great job. It is well worth the money and can be expanded and upgraded easily. I just added a mesh snare pad to mine and use the extra pad for another tom.

Doug F. rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-02.

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