Roland V-Session w/ Expansion Card Reviews 5

This is the most advanced electronic drum kit known to man. It has a great design and superior technology. I aquired this kit on E-Bay. I won the bid paying $3,201 for the kit.

I love the real feel of the mesh heads. It feels close enough to the real thing that sometimes I forget I'm playing an electronic kit. I can't say enough about the experience this kit creates.

The only bad thing I have to say about the unit is that the hi-hat is too fake and sometimes a cymbal mis-triggers.

Overall, the equipment is very good. The pads are excellent, the td-10 sound module is excellent, but the rack is not as great. I have had the kit under a year, so I cannot comment on the durability of this kit.

Overall, I really like this kit. It provides an acoustic kit feel with the great flexability that only an electronic kit can produce. The kit is a bit pricy $$, but my philosophy is that your not going to able to take your money when you leave this earth, so enjoy it, because everyone will leave one day.

Wayne rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-11.

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