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I bought this new at Kraft Music. I wanted a cheaper alternative to wasteing money in the studios. And I wanted really to do some multi-track recording. I payed $970.00 in 1999. Now it is 2003, and I have recorded 2 full length CD albums, both studio and live songs. And I have made numerous other recordings included Thunderstormes that are excellent.

*** Please not: My review comes 3 years after I have utillized to a good routine. So this perpective is different than someone who just purchased one. I like that it is portable and digital. Internal effects are above average, but the EQ is hard to adjust and to really get a feel for - here I need a big EQ bandwidth curve with nobs or something. Better instructions needed as it is like trying to adjust my digital wrist watch.

I wish I bought it a year later when you could get the CD drive. Currently this modle has a 240 Zip Drive. Which is good. But could be cheaper and capable of going direct to a music CD disc. I wish that it had a XLR or 2 XLR's for additonal inputs. It would be cool if it had a bigger screen, more human friendly nobs, and less chance of error for accidentally eraseing a good mix. Also and additonal stereo 1/4 inch and XLR jack for Master out. Lastly, Digital recording doesnot necessarily always mean no hiss. There is a slight noise to the unit, and if one is recording themselves it is hard to not be ontop of the controlled and be far from it.

Decent quallity. Purple cloth Carrying case was a must.

The VS-1840ex was great to bring to a basement jam practive and record like 4 microphones and get 3 songs on a CD. But Multi-Track storage always seemed to run out when I needed it the most. This is a great portable unit. But one day if I win the lottory, I would like to do it all on a computer. With the price of todays modles. I would have to consider 1st not being as moble and get a hard computer system and permanent studio. But if the cost goes down and it has more additional add ons that will continue more than 1 year after production ... I would stay portable.

Kurt rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-03.

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