Rolls MidiWizard Reviews 4

Purchased the unit from zZounds $159. Got it to connect to Boss GT-6 for patch switching and external expression pedals. Choose the MIDIWizard because it was very compact and fit nicely on the upper deck of my custom pedal board.

Quick access to 128 program changes with zero programming. Although the unit is programmable to target other units on the MIDI chain, I don't use for such. Eight connections for external pedals and switches capable of assigning to most any CC value is excellent.

The external jacks are very close together and if someone were to connect to more than a few then straight on connectors would be required taking up a larger overall footprint.

Steel case with plastic clicking buttons.

Although the unit came with a broken wire and the wrong manual. I was able to quickly get it running and downloaded a manual from the 'net'. Programming is easy, but not intuitive and need the manual whenever making a change.

jsj rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-04.

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