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I aquired this unit up near my cottage. A church was taking things to the town dump when I noticed an Amp in the back, they gave it to me for absolutly nothing! I took it home, hooked it up and tryed it out. It was better than my old Ark that was twice the size.

It puts out an incredible amount of sound for its size. It has a useful headphone output, treble, mid and bass adjustments and it has resonable distortion (called tube blaster) and a "tube blaster pedal" (whatever that is).

I have problems with the volume. When I'm playing at a high volume the volume will suddenly drop. I don't know if this is my patch cord (because wiggling the patch seems to fix it) or if the unit just needs a reapair.

All knobs and joints are secure and it is properly grounded (I've never gotten a shock) and it seems to be a sturdy unit.

Defenitly a good buy at any price, with awesome volume and distortion (for its little size).

Frank Liu rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-09.

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