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I got this drum set from a friend back in high school for $25. Kick, 2 toms that mount to the kick, a floor tom, a boom stand, and an 18 zildjin A crash. My friend had stripped the paint, and stained them dark brown. At the time a different bud and i were putting together a basement recording studio, which got bounced around basements the past couple years till he moved to So. California. Then we split up the gear. this was the "studio Set".

The only pieces of the set i like are the 22x14 kick, and the 16x14 floor tom. I sanded down the edges on them. They tune up, and stay in tune pretty good. the kick drum had the original wooden hoops too.

1. I hate the mounts for the toms! they're these cheap hexagon shaped pieces of metal. they lock into the tom with a screw that has a lug type end. so you have to use a drum key to tighten it in. 2. I hate the 2 toms that mount to the kick. they are 12x8, and 13x9. they have no depth, and no tone. it like hitting a couple of cardboard boxes. I dont use them.

well, the construction ok, their pretty old. they're 9 ply. the kick, and floor tom have held up well.

i got this set a few years back, the kind of music i play is funk, hip-hop, rock, soul. so using just the kick, and floor is fine, and i only use this set for practices, and my own recording to bring ideas to the band. its set up kick, floor, early 60's Ludwig snare, a pair of zildjin new beat brilliant hit-hats, 16 inch zildjin A medium-thin crash, and a 20 medium ride.

FanOfTheFunk rated this unit 2 on 2004-08-13.

I got a Royce set used and it sounded crappy. I didn't get a new kit, so it was a good ten years old. I did find though that replacing the regular heads with Evans genera 2 batter heads, it made it sound acceptable. A good begginer's kit, but I may be saying that because it was only $250 and instead of Royce's cymbals, I got an Avanti ride and Zildjin hats.....

the price and with the replacement heads, the sound. it was great for a bigginer in a punk rock band.

the hardware and the snare. It was big, but had a lousey sound. very hollow and sharp

solid kit that you can give hell and it will hold up.

if you are looking for a cheap kit at a great price, get a used Royce. The old ones, believe it or not were a lot better than the new ones. They used to make bellow par drums and call it pro, and now they make flat out junk and call it pro.

Daniel Appleton rated this unit 2 on 2004-02-19.

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