RythymTech DST (Drum Set Tamborine) Reviews 3

I got this at my local store for $25, since a friend of mine had just bought one for his set.

Its a solid tamborine, the mount has some flex to it, so it won't snap someday. There is a plastic pad on the top to save your sticks from some wear. Its size lets you put it about anywhere you want, so positioning isn't a problem.

I notice after playing it for a while that when using it you hear more stick than tamborine. I'd prefer the pad be made of runner to make the sound of impact a little less and the actual bell noise more. The mount could be better inside the tamborine, taking up less space.

Solid construcion, but the bells are ample to dent/bend if its close to something that sees a lot of stick action like a snare. I've played it for about 2 years now, and it is just as good as when I first bought it, minus dings in the bells.

Not a bad tamborine for the money, but I will most likely replace it with a LP Cylclops in the future.

Drumfreek rated this unit 3 on 2002-03-01.

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