SWR Workingman's 1x10T Extension Speaker Reviews 5

This bass extension speaker was purchased in late 2001 from Musician's Friend. It was an alternate choice after the daily sale order for an Alumabass 10" extension speaker was taken but cancelled. MF gave me a $40 discount off the $199 price of the speaker to make amends (Thanks! MF).

The Sound! The sound levels and depth is remarkable for such a small unit. I compared the Workingman's 10 bass amplifier to Ampeg 12" and 15" units. This small unit had punch AND bottom. All within a small light cube of 32 lbs. I could not believe the difference of sound. From that time on I wanted a WM 10. This extension exactly matches the WM 10 and weighs 28 pounds. It has rugged side and bottom handles. Very easy to transport. Coupled with the WM 10, you have 100W of power in a light package that can shake the ground. SWR really knows bass acoustics. Switchable (on, -6dB, off) horn for selectable highs.

The bottom handle does not allow the unit to sit flush on floor. I turned it upside down. Works fine. My other amps are tolex covered. This one is carpet covered. Draws dust bunnies like a magnet (it sits on the floor).

Built like a tank. No rattles. Top quality hardware. Steel grille. It shouts "gig me". SWR Workingman line is built for gigging musicians and it shows. I regularly sit on the unit to play. It is tougher than many of my wooden chairs. I play it as an extension speaker to my Hartke B30 (modified). The Hartke is the same weight as a WM 10, but not even close in sound (or cost). The WM 1x10T makes dust dance on the floor. Even at low volumes. That is serious sonic waves (indicating efficient design).

Sometimes you find a bargain that is cheap - good value for low dollars. Most times, low price means cutting corners. SWR has an inexpensive line (LA series) that has fewer features. The WM line is FULL feature with what a performer will need. This extension speaker is a great addition to the WM 10 allowing flexibility to the gigging bass, in a package that won't break your back (or the bank).

Steve Barrett rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-10.

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