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This is a hollow-body jazz-style guitar with one neck humbucker pickup, a harp tailpiece, and a tune-o-matic floating bridge. The body of the guitar is maple with a natural blonde color. Fretboard is rosewood. Neck is mahogany. ME: I've been playing guitar for 3 decades. All styles: classical, classic rock, punk, blues, indie, country and a little jazz recently (which is why i bought this guitar)

I bought it online from Rondo Music for $199

LOOKS: Stunning, with binding everywhere: body, f-holes, neck and headstock. Gold hardware adds class. PLAYABILITY: Wonderful. The neck is fantastic and so easy to play. Really loving the feel. SOUND: I was worried that the pickup might not be decent, but its actually more than decent. Its quite good. Maybe a little brighter than I'd like for a jazz guitar, but warm enough, and with a very clear and musical tone. It sounds good clean or with overdrive.

Can't think of anything really, but not sure if the tuners are as good as I want.

The construction and quality is that of a much more expensive guitar. Nothing about this guitar feels cheap, except for maybe the tuners. A co-worker of mine who has much more expensive guitars (Epiphone Joe Pass and a Gretsch) said this guitar is the equal of those two. He could not believe it when i told him the cheap price. Others have said the same thing.

This is an outstanding guitar for this price ($199). As another reviewer said, its such a great deal its silly.

peskypesky rated this unit 5 on 2010-08-07.

Natural finish guitar, full bound body and neck, gold plated hardware. Experienced Hobbyist and former band member with 30+ years playing Classical, Rock, Blues, and Bass with other assorted styles. Collector.

Acquired this guitar from and paid a bit over $200.

Surprisingly well-made Jazz hollow-body guitar. Quality very similar to Ibanez. Appealing head-stock with good tuners. Well adjusted action straight out of the box. Mahogany neck (the most stable of woods) with fully bound rosewood fretboard (with inlays) and laminate maple body. Good fretwork (9 out of 10). The truss-rod is responsive (slight adjustment). Trapeze tailpiece with a moveable bridge for precise intonation adjustment. Good finish and binding throughout. Well-wound single humbucking pick-up that is NOT over-wound for this application. The natural finish is accented by gold plated hardware throughout. Great sounding and very good playing guitar, almost silly for the price.

There was a small amount of tarnish on some of the hardware (likely from area/term of storage) that readily polished off. The serial number is on a sticker on the back of the headstock. Guitars ought not have stickers on any outer surface.. Serial numbers and origin of manufacture should proudly be impressed or imprinted in the wood. This unit, made in China. Wood quality is typical for this level of guitar (thus 4 out of 5 under 'rate').

Design, construction, and quality is the upper portion of 'good' and impressive for the price.

An 'outstanding value' for an entry-level Jazz guitar. Recommend string set of .011's or .012's. Flatwounds plunk best over time.

Adam Spencer rated this unit 4 on 2010-08-03.

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