SX GG2 Set Neck Reviews 5

I play rhythm guitar for a band me and a friend started, I myself have been playing 4 years learning my techniques and such. My band is a cross-sound between metallica and megadeth, and we have a great sound going on thanks to my new guitar.

I got tired of the single-coil pickups on my strat and wanted a great humbucker guitar. After going to every site I thought imaginable I found, and bought the SX GG2 Set Neck version there. With shipping it was only a mere $190, way under what I thought I was going to pay for a guitar of this quality.

The guitar itself had a perfect finish on it, and the humbuckers produce no noise at all whenever you aren't playing. The tone and quality of this guitar are what I would compare to an LTD or Gibson priced around $1000.

I found only 1 flaw, and that was that my chrome pickguard came scratched up a bit, but can't blame SX or Rondo for that. Took off the plastic cover and it looked flawless though so its all good.

A set-neck, impeccable finish, and at the price it was an honest-to-god steal. It wouldn't go out of tune if you beat on the strings with a hammer (Do not try that at home, lol).

The overall quality, value, and tone of this GG2 is very well worth the cost. If you havent bought an SX or Agile yet, you should really try them out, because at a price so low you can't go wrong!

The Metallica Man rated this unit 5 on 2005-09-25.

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