SX Les Paul Electric Guitar Reviews 5

A Friend of mine recently purchased a honey sunburst SX Les Paul and I loved it, it was so cool, He told me about the shop he got it in and so i tought I might as well check it out. I was just walking around the shop and i saw this guitar and I imediatly had to purchase it, Only cost Me 329 euros

Well, the finish to the unit is savage, it's a kind of wine natural finish. It's dual Brass pick-ups produce a sharp,clear and melodic tone. Even when its plugged into a small amp you will get blown away with the Sound quality

There is nothing i dont like about this unit! you could say its perfect...

The construction is superb and the finish is savage. people say that copies only last a couple of years but looking at the finish of this one i saw it has an eternity ahead of it

One of my friends has a gibson les paul and it cost him 2000 euro, and i cant tell a difference between the sound quality and the overall quality Any futher requests of information you can contact me at: Over and out

Christopher Coughlan rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-02.

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