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i was getting rid of a danelectro guitar that i had,which i really did not care for,a guy at work told me about this place that buys and and sells guitars so i went there to get rid of it.and when i walked in he had these guitars that only said sx.they look just like les pauls but the headstock has an extra dovetail on it.he had alot of colors but i liked the cherry sunburst that he we kinda talked a little bit,and i walked out of the store with one.all we did was exchange guitars i said my thank you and walked right out the door..the price of the guitars were ranging from 250.00 to 300.00 i think i got a great bargain....

the guitar has a great sound, and when you put it thru a tube amp forget it this guitar sounds has the cherry sunburst finish with the dual humbucker,creame pickguard and trim with the gold pots,with a rosewood friend has an epipnone and if you put the two together for appearance and sound you can not tell them apart except for the headstock it has an extra tail,,,,

there is nothing to dislike about this guitar,this is a great guitar for the price if you do not mind playing a copy guitar,,

i never heard of this guitar,i just got it off a whim,i really do not know much about the construction of the guitar but it does have a good feel and weight to it,it has fallen already,on the back of the guitar it took a few chips and made a couple of dings but it still plays and sounds great,,and i really haven"t had a problem with it getting out of tune with the heavy playing and string bending,,

there really is not much info on this guitar,like who the maker is,what kind of wood they use or anything,i would really like to read some info on this guitar like you can on the other guitar makers,,,,

wayne sylvia rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-03.

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