Sabain B8 Cymbals Reviews 5

ive played piano for 11 years, percussion for about 6 and drumkit for about 4 or 5. i play mostly jazz, funk, brasilian and afrocuban drumset and percussion. i use all my equipment both for percussion and drumkit applications. i play in a bigband, a jazz quartet, a concert band, a symphonic orchestra, a celtic band, a few random pop/rock bands for fun, various percussion ensembles, various musical bands (footloose, urinetown), and a few other random bands for occasions.

i purchases this set, which included 14in hats, 16 and 18in crashes, and 20in ride from a shop called drummers headquarters in missouri. i live in australia, but i payed 219 dollars (US), and obvious some shipping charges.

the price is obvious great firstly. the cymbals are all good quality and are surpirior to their zildjian equivilants (ZBT). they can be applied to anything from jazz, to rock, to brasilian and funk, and also in percussion set ups. the 18in crash is excellent, and the 16in crash and ride also sound great.

the only problem i had with this set was the hihats. the are thinner than i usually play and therefor where A BIT tin-sounding. opening and closing them also bought new sound problems and as a result i play/played sabian ProSonix 14in hihats sometimes in some situations instead.

construction and quality are great, all details are as good as you could hope for.

Mark Thomas rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-23.

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