Sabian 17" AAXplosion Chinese cymbal Reviews 5

I bought this cymbal at a sam ash 3 years ago, I paid about 120 dollars and it was well worth the cash.

This cymbal is amazing. After three years of abuse, it still sounds like the day i bought it. With a fast decay and high pitched chinese feeling, it can fit with any type of drummer, even the light hitter.

No dislikes in the sound, just the logo has faded after about two years and the inside ring becomes worn away a little, but other then that, no problems.

The quality is amazing, no other cymbal ive ever owned has ever lasted this long and ive cracked alot of cymbals inlcuind a part of hi-hats. This can take alot of hard hits without damaging.

Just a great overall chinese cymbal, definetly buy it if you are looking for a new chinese. I'm even looking to buy a 15" version of this cymbal for the opposite side of my kit.

Mr. Teeny rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-06.

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