Sabian 17" AAXplosion crash Reviews 5

I bought this at Sam Ash in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania. They have a good selection of cymbals, because they have a cymbal ROOM!! I bought it for around $135. It is one of Sabian's highest lines of cymbals.

I like it's projection. It has a huge explosion of sound. It is my 2nd loundest cymbal on my set-up. I think it is great for rock. You can hit it loud, or soft, but it will still sound great! You can do a build on it VERY well. (hit it very fast, increasing your speed and loundess as you go).

This is a hard question, but the only thing I dont like about it, is that it is my most expensive cymbal, and since I bought it myself, and I'm only 12, it was a lot of money to me, and I i don't want to break it.

It is medium in weight. It's in Sabian's brilliant finish, with a raw (unlathed) bell.

This cymbal is my favorite, and i think everyone should have the opportonity to try, if not purchase this cymbal. IT SOUNDS GREAT.

wells rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-07.

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