Sabian AA Cymbal pack hi hats crash and ride Reviews 5

I got this item from ebay for about $320. The kit includes 14" AA regular Hi hats, a 16" Medium AA Crash, a 20" Medium AA ride, a plastic cymbal vault, and a dogman T-shirt.

For the price, this is an all around great cymbal set. The hats are clean and crisp and are great for almost any type of music. The crash has great buildup and decay and cuts through anything! Ride cymbal offers a somewhat bright stick response with a surprisingly loud bell. Great for punk or hardcore playing styles. Cymbal vault is a great extra. Beautiful finish. Haven't been able to dent them so far, no matter how hard I play them.

The only thing I dislike about the entire set is that the crash could be just a tiny bit brighter.

Again the quality and finish of these cymbals is great. They feel strong when you hit them, and I agree with one of the previous reviews of an AA rock ride. You would have to play with cement sticks to dent or crack these. As long as you don't drop them out of your van on your way to a show, these are not going to break.

Tony Bagadonuts rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-20.

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