Sabian AAXPLOSION 18" CRASH Reviews 5

I bought this cymbal at Drummers Warehouse in Brisbane, Australia. I can't say exactly how much it cost because I bought some other items and traded in some old hi-hats, and these guys always give me a good deal. I've only recently taken up drumming again after a 10 year layoff (you know, family etc, the usual excuses)and have been making do with Zildjian ZBTs and a Sabian B8 crash. Those models are okay for the price, but they just don't have the projection and tone of a top-of-the-range cymbal. The ZBTs especially sound a bit like tin cans to my ears. After playing various Zildjian As, Paiste 2002s and Sabian AAs on friend's kits, I decided the time had come to spend some money.

The Sabian AAXPLOSION 18" crash is a sensational cymbal. I spent a fair while in the shop crashing around on Zildjian As, A customs, Z customs, and various Paiste, Sabian and UFIP cymbals, but the AAXPLOSION was just music to my ears. It is so full and toneful, and was also cheaper than a lot of the other brand models. It sounds great played soft or loud, and is especially good on those big extended rock endings - it builds into a great, shimmering wall of sound.

Um.....ahhhh....the price tag was hard to remove....the Sabian logo had a little blemish.....other than that, I have no complaints.

The cymbal is fairly thin, with a moderately polished finish, but unpolished (unlathed??) bell. Actually, the bell gives quite a nice 'ping' as well.

I would recommend this cymbal to anyone who enjoys using top quality instruments. It's excellent sound qualities at all volumes would make it suitable for a wide range of music styles from jazz to heavy stuff. I can't wait to save some more money so I can buy another one.

Bob rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-22.

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