Sabian B8 18" Crash Cymbal Reviews 4

I bought this cymbal at Midwest Percussion ( for my first drum set. I paid about $60 for it, and it is definitely a great beginner cymbal! I tried other starter cymbals, but this was the best i had seen, and for this amount it was hard to beat. I now have other cymbals, although this was a great buy and an excellent addition to my first drum set.I bought the cymabl off of Midwest's site, and it got to my house very quickly.

I loved the price for the quality, and how it stood up to some pretty harsh hits. It has a pretty good sound for a not-so-high end cymbal.

I didn't like the little low crash it gave because I was looking more for a higher pitch. It doesn't fit well into other sets, so buying all B8's would be the best choice for a total sound.

It is excellent quality, and is a round piece of metal! What did you think a cymbal was? It basically looks like every other kind of cymbal out there.

If you want a good cymbal at a rock-bottom price, grab one of these bad boys. They can't be beat for quality vs. price.

Psycho Drummer rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-01.

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