Sabian B8 Performance Cymbal Set Reviews 5

Needed to upgrade my cymbals, so I trundled down to my local Long and McQuade. There was a sale, and they had an exclusive deal where the set included a free t-shirt and and a free 14 inch thin crash, all for $200 Canadian.

Excellent sound - easily the best you're gonna get for this low of a price. Came with 2 crashes (16 and 14 inch, thin), a 20 inch ride, and 14 inch hihats. The ride can make a crash sound if you need it to, meaning this set is all you really need other than maybe a splash. The cymbals all look the same and have a really nice finish, which makes your drumset look more expensive than it really is.

The free 14 inch crash is just to small for my liking... I prefer a more meaty cymbal. Some people may find these cymbals sound too tinny.

They're solid cymbals. I haven't had them long, but they take abuse pretty well.

Unless you've got an extra thousand bucks lying around to buy top of the line cymbals, you're gonna want to go with something that gives you lots of value. This set is what you want.

Dave, the drummer from DeeT rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-03.

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