Sabian B8 Pro Cymbal Pack Reviews 5

I got this cymbal pack from Academy of Music in Brisbane, Australia for $895 Australian.

This cymbal pack is great. The hats have a really nice "chick" to them, the ride sounds really crisp and bright, and the crash is pretty consistent. I had the choice between a Zildjian ZBT Plus pack, or a Paiste 502, but I chose the Sabian because I really liked the finish, and crisp sounds that come from the B8 Pro's. Plus they are really easy to keep clean.

The only complaint I have is that when you hit the ride like you would a crash, it sustains for ages and blocks up the music. But other than that it's a great pack.

The quality and construction is excellent. I've been smashing these things for about 4 months now and a dent or scratch is yet to be seen. They've also put a really nice finish onto these, so the light shimmers off 'em and they look really good.

BUY THESE CYMBALS! These things will beat any cymbal at the same price range hands down. Great quality. Awesome Sounds. Go out there and buy Sabian B8 Pro!

Dan rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-21.

I bought these cymbals from Prom Music in Sudbury Ontario. I paid about $200 for the whole set up. The service there is excellent I may add.

I like the sound of all of these cymbals. The ride is especially good, it has i really high sound on the bell and really good stick accents, it doesn't sustain for long after too! The hi-hats have good chick and a nice washy sound when opened. The crash is average it has a quiet sound with medium amounts of sustain.

The olny thing I don't like about these cymbals is the crash, it sustains for much to long for my style of playing. But for a cheap set of cymbals it's really good.

These cymbals look and sound amazing. Made out of real high quality zinc alloys and brass. The label stays on for a really long time too with minimal stick marks.

These cymbals are great for an intermedaite player, they sound and look great, and the price is right. I recommend these for any beginner or intermediate player.

God rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-05.

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