Sabian B8 Thin Cymbal Pack Reviews 4

Musician's friend online, because I needed a new cymbal set. It was the same as I was presently borrowing and I paid a total of 240.00 for the set which included a 14 and 16in. crash, 20in. ride cymbals and two 14in. hi hats. It also came with a Sabian performance video, t-shirt and a free clamp on additional cymbal arm for mounting onto base stands. The set by itself without the additional 4 stands costed $168, and in my opinion, was a very good deal.

I like the sound the cymbals make when all played together. They are definitely matched sonically to cooperate with each other. I liked the way I could play them different and they would sound the same for each different, loud and soft type of music I played. I varied from light and hard jazz, to blues to punk rock and the set sounded exceptional with each genre. Also, the set came with a cymbal carrying case which was a nice extra.

I am worried about the cymbals being too light and flimsy and bending or becomeing permanently scratched. If there was a way to keep the same versatile sound but make them thicker, it would improve the quality and look.

The construction was the typical light copper metal shaped perfectly with the sound dents to make the ring more even. The quality, once again, is a little on the weak side. A major concern, at least while playing the punk and heavy blues, was that the marks may become permanent and or the cymbals may bend, which does not look or sound attractive at all.

I am overall happy with the performance of the Sabian B8 Cymbal pack.

Brendan Malone rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-18.

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