Sabian Pro Cymbal Set Reviews 4

i got these cymbals from a drum shop in england for 200 pounds, based on the information below

these really are exellent cymbals. i prefered these to the 'pro sonix' because these are loud, have more presence and cut better, which is ideal for live performing. the hi-hats have a beautiful 'chick' sound - fairly high pitched which can still be heard whilst playing the rest of your kit, as well as producing a loud, yet sweet sound. the ride really cuts through and has really nice stick definition. the crash is loudish, beatiful with ideal sustain another thing i liked about this set is the hardshell case included. it's really stury, gives you cymbals exellent protection, as well as bing able to fit several other cymbals if you get/have more.

the only disadvantage to these cymbals is that there sheet bronze, rather than cast bronze. they will stil last you a long time, but not as long as cast bronze cymbals such as sabian aax, hhx, or zildjian k, z custom etc.

these cymbalks are in brillaint finish, which makes them look lovely and shiny, but means you can see your fingerprints on them etc. otherwise, very good constuction

if you are like me, and are getting your first 'decent' set of cymbals, then these sound great. however if you want them to last for a very long time, id go for aax or aa.

josh rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-04.

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