Sabian Solar Cymbal 3 Piece Setup Reviews 3

I was in guildford and had come accross the music shop Andertons nd I went into the drum section to check out whether i could find a starter set of cymbals for under 150.00 the cymbals themselves cost 99.99 and they came with a free cymbal bag.

The 16" crash cymbal ws quite explosive also it ws good for riding on also the hats comprised a very strong wash sound as well as a very defined chick.

When I started to do some ride work the ride cymbal was extremely pingy so even when you play on the outer edge of the cymbal. this put me off because the ride i was looking for would ws a fairly washy one. Also I am a metal drummer and I like to hit hard so i couldnt controll the mount of ping coming from the ride cymbal. When I tried to play quieter parts using the hats i was getting a freky feedback while I was plying the hats closed so the only way to combal that was to purchase a new professional hat stand which soon restricted the feed back.

The solar cymbals have a shimmering colour of yellow much more accented than any other type of cymbal that i have used, the cymbals were machine hammered so thats probably why the sound quality was lower than that of a set of hnd hmmered Sabians.

For a low priced line of beginner cymbals i was quite impressed with the versatility if the crash but on the other hand the other cymbals had less quality but more quality than most customs that come with beginner kits.

Phil Nash rated this unit 3 on 2004-09-14.

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