Sabian Solar Cymbal Set Reviews 1

20" Ride 18" Crash 14" Hi-hat Bought from Musician's Friend for $79.99. My first set of cymbals - needed something affordable, and I thought Sabian was a respectable brand.

The bell of the Hi-hat is the only thing I like, as I play a lot of intricate patterns on that cymbal.

The overtones of the Ride are too strong to enjoy. The Crash sounds trashy, but not like a good china should sound - it's just a flat sound, not good for a cymbal. The hi-hats change pitch with the amount of pressure put onto the foot pedal, and when open, sound too "pingy." It lacks a good "chick."

Very durable, but poor sound quality.

These cymbals are made for beginners - a set that doesn't sound good, but would be appropriate for drummers that are just starting out and in need of some cymbals on which to practice.

Ishy rated this unit 1 on 2004-01-08.

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