Sabian XS20 Rock Crashes (16 and 18 inch) Reviews 4

I bought these from Idaho Pro Percussion and paid $70 for the 16 inch and $85 for the 18 inch.I bought them for Sabian's reputation for making loud cymbals and they were the best line out there on my budget.

They are really loud and cutting which is necessary for rock.They are very strong and thick so they can take a beating.The 18 inch rock crash is one of the best crashes I have ever ridden on.

I can't quite figure out why the 16 inch crash is lower pitched than the 18 inch which is kind of inconvenient because I like to have my high pitched accent crashes on my left side.I will get over it.

Very thick and heavy.Smooth finsih.Very glossy.Outstanding build for an intermediate cymbal.

This is an awesome cymbal for rock/metal drummers that need something for shows and practice because they will take a beating.

Nick Moscatello rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-12.

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