Sabian 19 inch AAXtreme China Reviews 5

I bought this cymbal for $150 from a local George's Music store. I needed a china cymbal and i browsed the shop and fell in love with this cymbal.

The thing that attracted me to this cymbal was it's good price and it's good looks. Sabian did a good job with the hammering to make it look good with the brilliant finish. Once i tested the cymbal i knew i had to have it. It's an awesome cymbal with a great chinese sound. Not too high but not too low, and it has the perfect attack and decay.

As far as i've seen there is nothing that i don't like about this cymbal. It has a great sound, looks great, and was a good price.

This cymbal is awesome. It looks like it's really thin and wouldn't be very strong, but it handles everything i've thrown at it. I play heavy rock and hardcore so it takes a beating, but it hasn't cracked, keyholed, or dented. I transport my drums a lot so this cymbal is in a full cymbal bag and it hasn't bent or cracked from being thrown around by inconsiderate people. (i wouldn't throw it around on purpose, but if it does get thrown around, it can handle it)

Great cymbal with a great sound. Perfect for all kinds of playing. Great durability, good looks, and all for a reasonable price.

drumkid11 rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-31.

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