Sabian 20 inch HH Bounce Reviews 3

Purchased over phone, at Scheerers music in England; required new ride cymbal to upgrade.

Very nice cymbal. I was looking for a ride cymbal with good definition and wash where required. This cymbal delivers this but not too much definition, I was quite dissappointed as I was looking for a more ping orientated definition. It's more suited to a jazz environment to be honest. Good bell definition when hit by the shaft of the stick. Moe wash overall than definition, however gotta say when I heard it being played by another drummer, mid-song, i noticed it did have good enough definition to be heard, just not really enough as I wanted, I am going to keep it and use it as a big crash and get a Zildjian K heavy ride.

As above, too much wash for me when striking the bow, apart from that nothing really.

Sabian make nice ride cymbals, but thats about it as far as my opinion goes.

Good ride cymbal. rated this unit 3 on 2004-12-22.

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