Sabian B8 Starter Pack Reviews 1

I acquired these at the nearest Bailey Brothers in Alabama near my area. I shelled out about 100 bucks for these flapjacks.

I enjoy how when I shine this unit properly I can see my face in it. I also use them as dinnerplates. I sometimes use them as frisbees to my neighboor when I want to hurt him. He's retarded. I also enjoyed the choice cover they used for the set. It kind of resembled a man rather enjoying a prostate exam. Not a good way to market a (poorly constructed) pack of cymbals to any audience whatsoever, though maybe they are used to it by now.

I once tried to use them on my drumkit, and they sounded like me hitting a trash can lid with a toothpick. RECIPE FOR FLAPJACKS: 1 CUP OF WORTHLESS 2 CUPS RIPOFF 3 PARTS CYMBALS (ADD TO TASTE) 5 TEASPOONS REFUND (WHOLE, NOT SKIM)

I think they stole them from STOMP. The sound quality is utterly tin-like and annoyingly brassy. I don't believe it is a good starter pack, let alone a good pack of cymbals.

Hey Sabian, STOMP called, they want their trash can lids back. Look elsewhere for cymbals unless you really, really like the sound of shrapnel flying into a trashcan.

-Cecil Showellard rated this unit 1 on 2003-12-27.

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