Sabian B8 Starter Set Reviews 5

I just bought these from for about $115 for the set. You get a pair of 14” high hats and a 16” thin crash. They were Sabians so I knew the quality and tone would be quite exceptional.

I really do like these cymbals. I haven’t had a chance to really thrash on them because I live with roommates and there’s a time and a place for thrashing. I’ve only been able to use it as a ride and a light crash for now. Hopefully, this weekend Ill jam with my buddies and get to see what they’re really made of! They’ve got a great sound with a clean, high pitch tone. The bell sounds really great too. The high hats are my favorite and they sound just right with a nice chic and good response. These are supposed to be the low, low end Sabians so I was worried but honestly, I think they sound great! I can’t wait to add several different Sabian effect cymbals to my set-up.

I cant really think of anything I don’t like about them. The crash is a little higher pitch than I like but they still sound freakin great.

The quality is excellent of course. I mean, they’re Sabians. Come on. These guys use bronze with special pitch matching processes that a lot of the lower end companies just don’t do. That’s why theyre one of the best! Just by looking at them you can tell they will last. They’re very solid with little divets all over the surface for maximum sound penetration. Good stuff!

Basically, the price, quality and sound are very nice. They are a great starter cymbal set for any aspiring drummer. I would recommend the B8’s to anyone.

Dave G rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-01.

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