Sabian B8 Thin Set Reviews 4

I'm a 17yr old female who has played drums for 2 years now and am currently studying grade 4. I am in 2 bands, one where I have only a male guitarist who is 15 and the other I am yet to play with, who are in their 20's or so. I love the drums, basically!

I have had only standard cymbals that came with my wine red, rock set-up Premier Olympic, and lets just say, they were ruined in about 10 months. My poor hi-hat started to bend inside out when i gently closed it! So, I went to my drum teachers shop, Taramik Drums (Which is great!) and asked for some Sabians that were good value for their quality. I had previously heard that Sabians are the way to go, and he suggested the B8's. That's what I bought for 175!

I love the 20" ride, and am very happy with the 14" hi-hat. The ride gives a quality feel to it with every hit - there is a good balance of tones in it.

I am not so sure however, with the 2 crashes (1 x 16" and 1 x 14"). The larger one does give a good 'bite back' and is pretty loud, and the smaller one is o.k. The problem, I think, is that both have a couple too many overtones. I would like to say that it could be that my stands are useless or it's my room that doesn't help the sound evenly reflect/absorb.

I feel that overall, the quality is actually quite good (They are Sabians!) and I think that the weird 'pinky' colour gives an extra taste of... 'funkiness'.

I feel that these are therefore the way to go for drummer's first cymbals and they are great value for their quality!

Gemma S rated this unit 4 on 2007-12-03.

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