Sabian HHXetreme Reviews 5

I purchased this cybmal at a local Drum store in Wichita KS for roughly $200. At the time I was in a Hard rock band looking for a more raw and trashy sound out of a cymbal compared to what I was using. The HHXtreme immediately caught my ear when I heard how LOUD is was and how similiar it sounded to a Chinese.

It has the depth of a crash, and the chaos of a chinese. The tone created blends so well with it's visicious attack. I love this cymbal, no other crash(or chinese) sounds quite like it. Not only does work well for hits, but keeping time with this bad boy can sound trashier than your hi-hats. It simply dominates the cymbal setup.

Nothing really, but I defintely do not recommend this cymbal for lighter styles. It's true power is meant for the hard hitting stuff.

This sucker is huge. Being a 19" Hand Hammered crash that is thick, it's delivery is hardcore. This cymbal is a great example of the SABIAN HHX series.

It will give an edge to your setup on cymbals. It will add versatility and tons of volume. If you play rock or anything harder, buy and you won't regret it!

Continental blue rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-26.

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