Sabian Jack DeJohnette Mini-Bell Ride Reviews 5

I picked this up off ebay -- it may be discontinued, not sure. Ran me $120 in like new condition.

Dry dry dry cymbal. Perfect smokey sound for jazz. I just LOVE this thing, and if it disappeared tomorrow I would get one again as soon as possible. Even hammering on this thine it has minimal wash and the sticking tones do not get lost in what was there is... In addition, Sabian put some sort of dry finish on this that looks almost like a lite sand paint application (no, it really isn't paint) that shows almost no fingerprings or stick marks!

The mini-bell is so small on this ride, it is almost worthless

Top notch cymbal. Well made!

If you want a really dry ride, this is the one for you. I am not sure I have heard anything more dry that this one.

Dan rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-08.

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