Sabian Manhattan Groove Hats Reviews 5

I bought these hi-hats at my local music store (Music Pro) the day after I heard them, because they sound great! I paid around $300 Canadian with tax.

I like them because they have an excellent open sound which you can ride on, or add bite to a rhythm. They also have a very strong 'chick' when played with either a stick or you're foot. They say they're meant for blues, funk etc... but I've found them useful for any style of music. I can play blues one minute, funk, the next, and then go right into hard rock, and heavy metal. I'd suggest these to anyone.

Hmm, that's a hard one! I'd possibly say the cost but because of the manufacturing process and excellent quality of these cymbals, it's very difficult to say that truthfully.

These are Sabian Hand Hammered Cymbals. They're Hand Hammered (duh) by a real person. The manufacturing process creates great rich warm tone (I occasionally play the hi-hats separately to appreciate the rich melodic tones of the top and bottom hats). The bell of the bottom hat is even signed by the artisan who crafted these!

Great value. It may seem a little pricey but in the long run you're getting a great deal! Get these hi-hats! They are the finest pieces of percussion paraphernalia I have ever played. The quality and craftsmanship is astounding.

Ehren G. Metcalfe rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-30.

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