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I purchased this cymbal for 78 from Birmingham drum centre. I bought it because i wanted a china cymbal to add to my kit set-up.

This cymbal is well manufactured, thick enough to withstand a heavy hit without cracking like Wuhan china's would have done, and sounds very impressive. Fairly trashy, and pretty loud, it's exactly what i need to give those guitarists a wake up call. Despite some opinions i have read about Sabian china's, i was delighted with this cymbal.

If i had to be really picky, i could always say it was too expensive... who am i trying to kid?

Being someone who doesn't immerse themselves in the jungle of hand-hammered cymbals, i was perfectly happy with the quality and construction of the cymbal.

Pro Sonix, in my opinion have always been an undervalued range from Sabain, and i feel, their china's are a perfect example of this. Having said that, you need to decide for yourself, and not decide on reviews, i'm glad i didn't!

Yojan rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-14.

I brought the 16" china as an addition to my other Sabian Pro sonix set,and paid around 80 for it from a uk online drum shop

The china looks pretty cool with a pressed hammered look

The Cymbal is made of too heavy a gauge of material and hence unfortunately sounds like a dustbin lid however you play it.

If any thing the quality of material is overspeced on this cymbal it is too heavy and the upturn of the lip serves to make it almost too rigid to vibrate smoothly

Would probably make a nice dinner gong definately not in sympathy with the rest of my pro sonix set which are good especially the 8" splash.

Tony Liv rated this unit 1 on 2003-02-18.

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