Sabian Solar Performance pack Reviews 1

I paid 120$ CDN at Steves Music in Montreal

Nothing. The only passable cymbal are the hats IMO. They are not bright and cutting enough for my tastes though

Pretty much everything. The ride sounds clangy and the wash doesn't sound right, and their is too much. The crash is probably the worst I have ever heard. It has as much sustain as hitting a dead horse with a baseball bat.

Well, they are tough little buggers. I am a hard hitter. They lasted through my "no technique, hard bashing" phase. They are dirty, thats for sure, but no cracks or keyholing at all.

They suck. They sound like crap. The only positive point I can give is the price. If they were more expensive I wouldve used trash can lids, they wouldve sounded the same. Do yourself a favor and get the B8 pack instead of these.

stevo30 rated this unit 1 on 2005-07-17.

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