Sadowsky 24F 5 String Bass Reviews 5

I allready owned a Sadowsky 4 st since 1994, and I wanted a 5 string (I had Warwick,Modulus..before) so I got this 24f 5 string with maple board and EMG pu used from Roger for $2500.

When I received the bass, I couldn,t believed how light it was! That bass is even lighter than my 4 st Sadowsky...the tone is so clear, deep and articulate. This bass vibrates, it,s amazing.By far the best B string I,ve heard. I can use it on any style of music imaginable...I,ve had pre-cbs Fender,s,Steinberger, Modulus, Warwick...they were all great, but the Sadowsky is above all them, best bass I ever had

I had to get use to the large string spacing at first...I still have to think about it.It,s a little wide for my hands and technic, but it,s only a personal taste and that doesn,t take away the fact that I love this bass very much!

the construction is simply FLAWLESS ! what a great exemple of master piece. Roger is amazing at details and Great TASTE. Nothing feels odd or out of place. He really took Fender,s design and concept to another level. The finish on a Sadowsky! and the electronics...

a lot of people complained about these basses being too expensive...well ,when you shop for a car, there,s Honda and there,s Mrecedes, right? samething with guitars to me. You paid for what you got. When you take the customer service, construction, performance,value...yeah, Sadowsky is worth every dollars.If it,s still too pricey for you, you,re just not ready yet. I can just imagine how much these basses will be worth in 30-40 years from now....ouch!

jean rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-03.

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