Sadowsky 5 String Bass - Modern w/ EMG Pickups Reviews 5

I bought this bass in 1994 at Roger Sadowsky's store in New York City. The store has since moved to Brooklyn, NY. I bought this 5 string after demoing over 7 different brands of 5 string basses. The reason I wanted to buy a 5 string was to get the lower notes that were not possible on a 4 string bass even with a hip-shot "D" tuner key installed. I paid $2375.00 for the Sadowsky Modern 5 and another $150 for the gigbag. I also bought a $35 "Comfort-strap" shoulder strap.

This bass has the cleanest, tightest "low B" string of any that I tried. I many of the major brands of 5 string basses including Lakland, Fender, MTD, Kubicki, and a composite Graphite neck bass that I can't remember the manufacturer's name. I came very, very close to buying the MTD bass which I felt had the most amazingly even note response.(Very even notes from the highest to the lowest).. BUt what made me choose the Sadowsky was that it had the best slap bass sound out of all of them. The pickups are very full range. Tons of low and tons of high end. The onboard pre-amp is extremely warm sounding.

Very Expensive but all quality instruments are now costing $3000 and up. I cant say a bad thing about this bass.

Very good construction. Sounds great acoustically without an amp.

If you can afford it, both the Sadowsky and the MTD are top of the line instruments that are miles ahead of the rest.

Owen Yost rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-11.

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