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Sadowsky basses are expensive. Yet it does not fall short on quality, Craftmanship and most importantly the sound. Sadowsky USA models are now sold now in brooklyn New York. I bought mine when he had his shop in Manhattan. Its a little easier to get to now, and a better room to test his basses before you buy. But he had a good room in manhattan also, and I feel he prides his instruments and never lets you walk out of his shop with one of his creations unless you are totally happy. The price was I feel under to what it sounded like and there value will not decrease in value in the used market. Just cheak out what they are going for at ebay and other sale areas. I bought mine at 3150. That was in 99 I think, Its hard to tell exactly as i feel i never lived without it.

Sadowsky basses have a sound all its own eventhough it has a fender caracter to it. As i mentioned before that it sounds like a Fender on steroids. It send a fimilar sound to you soul. A sound that takes the familiarities of the sound that made you want to play bass in the first place. That fender sound that recorded so well and made it the number one recorded bass in your hands. But yet it is a step above the fender. Not to say the fender was less but a step up. I feel Leo Fender would had congratulated Sadowsky for his work and to carry on the standard bass sound and his continued improvements.

Perfection is a never ending goal. Yet I can't come up with any inperfections about this bass. It just looks great. Feels great and plays great. I can't see me selling it. Even to buy another Sadowsky. Having this bass i know why Marcus Miller still plays his 77 Fender (Which has a Sadowsky Preamp built in). Its just something you feel is the bass you always wanted and will never part with it. Out of respect to others i will not mention names of the basses I have or sold. But the Sadowsky is my main and used only (99%) Bass. When playing Bass Guitar (Not including the Upright). I have purchased basses similar in price and have sold in order to buy one of his basses.

The construction quality is similiar to its sound. Great. I was so impressed with the wireing also. Clean clean clean. Put in perfectly. The neck is so stable. It fells so good when plaing. Its hard to explain but after you play it awhile it just forms to your body. I know that sounds crazy but it hard to explain. It just forms into your body. Its similar to those basses that someone has for many years. It just mold into it.

I just feel this is the Bass of Basses. Whenever you buy a bass they compare it to the fender. "If you turn the knob this way it will sound like a fender". How many times have you heard that when buying a bass. Well its the standard sound and Im glad i have a bass that above all the standards.

Charlie I. rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-11.

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