Saluda 12" SS hi-hats, 16" SS rock crash, 18" SS power crash Reviews 5

I found the cymbals at an online auction place. I needed some cymbals to add to my kit. I think I paid around $60 for the hi-hats and another $75 for the 2 crashes.

The hi-hats are plain and simply nice sounding hi-hats. I have a set of 14 zildjian avedis hats and the 12" Saluda SS hats are cleaner sounding and heavier. The 16" crash is nice a big step up over my Tosco crash. The 18" crash is beefy. I now use this as my main ride since it has a nice pingy surface and it crashes well too. The price was real nice. They seem to be durable. I have only had the hi-hats for 3 weeks and they do not have any dings or cracks yet. They are really heavy cymbals so I doubt if i will ever be able to damage them, but I will try. I like to hit hard. The crashes have held up surprisingly well (so far). I have had those for around 8 months and no dings or cracks yet. I also like the cool look to them.

The 18" crash is too heavy for a crash, but it makes the perfect crash ride. I was going to trade this in on a lighter crash, but i am glad I kept it.

Everything seems like good quality. They are nicely designed at least.

They are nice cymbals. I recommend them.

Dustin Mills rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-05.

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