Saluda 17" Full Crash Reviews 5

Bought this on Ebay for about $80USD.

Compared to the price of the Z-Custom crash I was looking at, this is a steal for the price. I have a Z-C 19" rock crash, and these two sound very similar, with the Mist having more sustain, and is somewhat brighter. The finish is very brilliant, and surprisingly enough, does not leave fingerprint or stick marks easily. This cymbal is loud, and will cut through the rest of the band. I cant wait to try it out on an outdoor gig. It is very heavy, and should last awhile.

Nothing yet.

The seller says it is handmade, and in fact, does appear as nice as any of the top 3 cymbalmakers stuff. The finish is beautiful, but the lettering (aside fromt he Saluda name) on the cymbal look cheaply stenciled.

I am very pleased. The quality of this cymbal is astounding when compared to the price. I am going to get a Mist ride, and will review it as well when it arrives.

Cosmo rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-15.

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